An Insight On Personal Counseling For Teens

Every parent fears that they will fail as parents and their kids will end up druggies, losers, or god forbid killed in an overdose, car accident, or by a murderous predator. And our media god bless them, choose to tell us of such unfortunate incidents whenever they occur, “thanks for nothing” you might say, especially because we also have to put up with their lousy commercials when they turn up the volume every time they are played!click to read more types of personal counseling for teens

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If you are a personal coach, or mentor of teens, then you need to market to the parents, not just the teens themselves. Indeed, you must understand the emotional factor of the teens, but you have to market to the parents. Not long ago, someone asked how best to market such a service and if I had any ideas; Indeed, I have 100s of ideas and marketing concepts, but first it would be important to review the personal coaching marketing plan.

Once that is looked at with a fine tooth comb then it makes sense to tweak it, and then refocus like a laser beam to better understand the target market. Now then, one thing most high-end high-rate coaches may not understand is that we will not always be in the high-flying economic times we were prior to the Global Economic Crisis. So, one thing to keep in the back of your mind is that a business strategy which is generally employed during less-than-stellar economic periods or during sector rotations or downtrends in a “product life cycle” is to go for “low-cost high-volume” rather than focusing solely on the highest-end of the market.

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Thus, you get the less than affluent segment of your target market to refer your services, and allow people to move up to more premium services as needed. I have had some other thoughts on a “teen blog monitoring service” as a business, and I’d considered this once when I was working with small business owners assisting them with blogging content. It seems the teens need a service more, because what they put online could affect their chances of getting into a top college or a decent job.

However, you know teens will not pay you for that, so it would have to be a service where the parents hire your team to take a look at what their kids are doing and what is risky or problematic behavioral trends, this way the parents don’t over stress themselves on what is normal teen behavior and getting outside into risky behavior. A service with a very low fee, gets everyone in the door, and opens them up to coaching and mentoring book, eBooks, videos, DVDs, and other higher-end consulting services.