All You Need To Know About Home Maintenance

As a homeowner, you probably have to follow certain home maintenance essentials regularly. Proper home maintenance is needed to keep your dwelling more convenient and adequate for you and your family. Home maintenance on a regular basis can even save you cash from major future repair costs. It can also make you help the environment like reducing waste production from your house which is filling up landfills.

To get you started, you have to see what the easiest and simplest thing to do first but most homeowners tend to ignore. You have to do your own home inspection and repair anything that is broken or damaged. With a home assessment checklist on a yearly basis, you minimize the damage done in your home thus, helping you move on to the next item in your home maintenance essentials list. you can read full article here

If you have heating and cooling systems such as air conditioners, check if they are properly working. Listen for any odd sounds or buzzing noises generated from these systems and inspect the return air filter if it is clean or dirty. Replace air filters monthly depending on your usage. Give your attic and other crawlspaces a visual inspection so that you will also know what needs to be done in these areas.

Any corrosion among the dryers and washers’ water pipes should be checked. Examine if they have slack dryer vents or water leaks. Dryer vents should be devoid of lint and are clear. Turn the dryer on by putting your hand on the dryer vent to ensure that air is definitely seeping out. If not, proper cleaning of the dryer duct pipes is necessary.

Lawn sprinklers, if you have one, should not be neglected. They should be in good working order especially when the time comes for emergencies such as minor fires. To check if your sprinklers are gushing out in the right direction, check by turning them on. Consider replacing sprinkler heads or minimizing each sprinkler’s water pressure whenever you see that they are spraying excess water on your front lawn.

As you hover by your kitchen, check the appliances lying around on a monthly basis. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your kitchen appliances do you a favor by keeping everything around you spic and span sans the burden of having kitchen concerns. The electrical switches and outlets in your kitchen and around your house should be checked annually to make sure they are properly operating. Discoloring is an indicator of electrical damage so repair them to prevent any further damage.

Amble along your home’s exterior. Look for any mold or water damage. The roof should be checked as well since you can spot easily any damaged, loose, or broken shingles and repair them quickly to prevent troublesome roof leaks. Make certain that your windows, doors, and other things with knobs and pulls can open and close easily. Dab a bit of grease on hinges or some graphite to prolong your window and door lifespan.

When you have done all these, you can certainly save expensive money from repairs in the long run. Do not ignore home maintenance essentials as these can make your home more pleasant for your loved ones.


Spring Cleaning – Pressure Washing Around the House

Imagine for a moment, your Spring-cleaning around the house is unbelievably easy. Simply pressure washing the exterior of your home has the house, deck, patio, sidewalks and driveway looking like brand new. Better yet, you are now the prod owner of the best looking home in the sub-division, which is what your friends, neighbors and more importantly, your father-in-law is telling you anyway. What would that make you feel? As you read on, find out what you must know to achieve your success. source article

Why Pressure Washing?

Save Time – anyone who has used a stiff bristled brush and bucket of water to scrub all the black and green stuff off their deck knows all to well how much time it takes and what a giant pain in the back it is.

Get it Clean – a pressure washer works by focusing water into a high-pressure stream, that stream of water works to blast away dirt and debris to get stuff clean.
Save Money – time is money, how many times have you heard that? Consider for a moment, a garden hose turned on will use as much as seven gallons of water a minute. Contrast that to a power washer that uses two or three (gpm) at most, and cleans stubborn dirt, mold, stains, and tree sap off your house and lawn furniture much more efficiently with less effort on your part.

Spring Cleaning uses a Pressure Washer

Your house – and maintaining it if you are like me is high on your list of priorities. Before we can paint the trim around the windows and doors, we need to get the area around them clean. Use a twenty-five degree nozzle in the cleaning wand when cleaning these areas is safe and effective “REMEMBER”, Do not hold the high-pressure water spray to close to the glass or weather stripping and seals in the windows and doors.

Washing a house is easy, use a telescoping 6-24 foot extension wand attachment to clean overhead, dormers, second story windows and gutters.

Before Painting, using a fifteen degree nozzle in the cleaning wand on your wood fence, siding and brick will remove the dirt and loose paint. Reducing the need for a scraper and wire brush, while at the sane time ensure the best possible adhesion of the paint, stain and sealers I think you will agree is a very good thing.

Cleaning a Driveway, concrete and exposed aggregate use a fifteen-degree nozzle by holding it a constant twelve inches away from the surface. Overlapping about one third of the width of the pattern each pass will eliminate uneven cleaning. For large patios, walkways and driveways there is an attachment that makes the job fast, easy and reduces getting everything around the area wet called a water-wiz or something similar. The thing looks like a walk behind lawnmower, cleans 17-19 inch wide swath at a time.

Wash the Car using a pressure washer will cut your water usage in half, get the job finished quickly and leave your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Simply wet it down and rinse the road dirt off in one pass. Sponge it off with a soapy water solution and a soft sponge. Give your car one final rinse and wipe it dry with your favorite soft cloth and wa-la you are finished and your car looks great.

Pressure Washing around the House is a great way to kick-off your spring-cleaning this year. Protecting your investment and maintaining that well-kept look is important to you.