Dry Eye Surgery in San Diego-Insights

One of the fairly minor after effects you may experience with LASIK eye surgery is dry eye. If your eyes start to itch, you’re probably experiencing dry eye. You can relieve dry eye by using artificial tears. Right after surgery you doctor will probably tell you to use these artificial tear drops every 15 minutes for the first four hours and then as often as needed. In some cases, dry eye may persist for 3 to 6 months. Upon completion of LASIK eye surgery, the nerve impulses that trigger your lacrimal gland to produce tears may be interrupted, causing dry eye. This is considered a normal reaction to the procedure, so it isn’t unexpected. Remember to relieve any such discomfort with artificial tear drops. Use the artificial tears as often as needed – besides making you feel better, they also hasten the healing process. Another after effect that sometimes occurs is halo or glare at night, especially when viewing bright lights. With new advancements in the LASIK process, this problem has become increasingly rare. If you do experience the halo or glare, it will most likely clear up within a short period of time. The first thing to expect after LASIK eye surgery is that your vision may be blurred. This blurring usually begins to resolve itself and goes away normally within a day or so. Here are the findings Dry Eye Surgery in San Diego

You may also feel that your eyes are irritated after completion of your procedure. Some people describe this irritation as feeling like you have a grain of sand in your eye. A normal reflex action is to rub your eye, but you must avoid such an urge to allow the corneal flap to heal. It may help if you use some artificial tears to lessen the sensation of irritation. In very rare cases, your eye may develop an infection. However, most doctors prescribe an antibiotic to be used frequently during the first week or two after LASIK eye surgery, so be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions. If for some reason you do develop an infection, consult your doctor right away. Although you can expect a sudden improvement immediately after LASIK eye surgery, you will also notice that your vision will continue to further improve over time. It can actually take up to six months for your new vision to reach its full potential. In almost all cases, undesirable after effects are minimized with LASIK eye surgery. Follow your doctor’s instructions and you’ll be fast on the road to problem free recovery.