Dumbbell Buying Guide-Brief Note

It’s tough to argue against the dumbbell. These simple pieces of equipment are compact, versatile and very effective. They are so perfect that it would be nearly impossible to improve upon something so simple and powerful. Some companies have created sets of weights that you can quickly and easily adjust.Have a look at website for more info on this.

The benefits are clear:

-A full set of weights in a compact space.

-Quickly change weight with just the pull of a pin or the turn of a knob.

-Able to haul a full set of weights in a camper or the trunk of your car.

-In some cases they can save you money

Of course the ads will focus on the benefits that come about through actually using the weights. Keep in mind though that any dumbbell will help you reach your fitness goals. An old rusty weight you find in a tool shed has jut as much body sculpting potential as the same weight you gain from a fancy adjustable dumbbell. As far as performance is concerned, there is little difference from one weight to another.

But what about the other benefits?

It’s true that you can change a weight faster than if you were going with a set of dumbbells that you manually had to load plates on. But what about regular solid dumbbells? As far as I know, you can’t get any faster weight changes than simply putting down your weight and then picking up your next weight. Drop, grab, pickup. As fast as fast can be. Winner: Regular Weight

How about space saving?

These days you can buy racks that can hold a large number of weights in a very space efficient design. The vertical racks are particularly space efficient. While it’s true a rack might take up more space than an adjustable pair, the real question is if that space matters. A good rack will only take up about 3-4 square feet of space. While that might be 100-200% more space than an adjustable pair we are only talking about a few square feet. True, I have been in some room that didn’t allow 3 square feet of space of a rack of weights, but for the most part I find that the space savings isn’t really much of an advantage. Winner: Adjustable, but not by much.

How about the issue of money?

With regular weights, you typically pay by the pound. Usually they are around .50/pound so a pair of 30 pound weight will cost about $30.Where the pay by the pound set up can get harsh on the wallet is when you keep buying more and more weight. A 30 pound pair will be about $30 but then you need to spend another $35 just to move up. As you get heavier you get more expensive. An 80 pound pair will run about $80 and so on.At this point it pays to do the math. The average adjustable set will run about $300-$400 dollars. This will typically give you a weight selection between 5-50 pounds, a pretty good range for most people. If you were to buy just regular individual weights a set that goes from 5-50 pounds will run about $280. So depending on the set you might or might not be breaking even. Usually you start to see the money savings if you buy a set that will run into the 80-100 pound area. The other thing to consider is the cost of a rack. You don’t need a rack for either adjustable or solid weights, but you can expect to pay a bit more to keep things organized. Winner: Depends on set up but more likely regular weights.

What about portability?

This is certainly an area where the adjustable shine. It’s tough to haul a rack of weights around so if you are concerned with traveling with the weights then the adjustable will fit the bill nicely. I do recommend however that if you are traveling with the weights you have some sort of restraint system to keep them in place so they don’t roll around and damage other goods. Winner: Adjustable hands down.

Other things to consider:

Solid weights are bomb proof. The adjustable are made out of many pieces and parts. While they are made well, some people like knowing they can drop or even throw the weight and not worry about breaking a part or having something come lose.With solid weights you can buy as you go. An adjustable set gives you a very select weight selection and you are probably limited to that range. With the solid weights you can customize your selection to your needs and budget.

Magnetic weights:

There is a middle ground to the whole deal. Sometimes you can find magnetic weights that come in 2.5 pound sizes. If you can find these and you buy 4 (2 pair) then you can make a 30 pound dumbbell into a 35 pound dumbbell in about 2 seconds. While the weight change is fast, it’s the fact that you only have to buy your weights in 10 pound increments that really helps. You only need to buy half the weight meaning you take up half the space and you spend half the money for the same weight range. At the end of the day either set up will work for nearly anyone. It’s important to figure out your own space, budget and weight needs to determine which set up is best for you.