Green Bathroom Remodel Contractor Quotes

Today, with the growing awareness to the condition of our plant, many people are looking to go green at home. The most effective way to do this is when planning your next home remodeling project.

Qualified green contractors can help you make your remodeling much more effective and save you money in the to read more explores green remodeling solutions

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Your Green Bathroom Remodel

First, make a quick assessment of your budget. This will help you get free price estimates that you can work with, see what you can and cannot afford and maximize your remodel’s effectiveness.

Many green contractors will be happy to give you free price quotes, including ideas on how to make a better and greener bathroom.

Double Flash Toilet – The double flash toilet is becoming popular even at homes that are currently not looking to become eco friendly and that is because of the huge water savings. When people have control over how much water to use when they flush (an economic flush uses ONLY HALF of the amount of water that a regular flush does), they usually do use it. This savings are instantly reflected in your water bill.

Low Flow Faucets – Consult a professional and ask for recommendations on what low flow faucet models to install.

Greywater system – There are many kinds of systems that recycle water so you can re-use them for different purposes. Be sure to consult a professional regarding your specific needs, since some systems are much more expensive than others and may not be useful for your home’s needs. This is the case, for instant, with a purifying system that is designed to save on garden irrigation expenses. If you do not have a garden, some systems will not return the investment made.

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Non Toxic Adhesives/Sealants – Eco friendly contractors will usually be able to recommend top of the line sealants that are made with eco friendly, often recyclable materials.

Be sure to ask for several different price quotes and gather ideas from different professionals. Remember: the better your plan is, the greener and more eco friendly the result.