Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot – Insights

Camping and trekking have become very popular in recent times with all types of people and from all age groups. However, you have to carry your food and tent while going out camping and some people may be wary of camping out in the woods as they are concerned about the insects and snakes that could possibly wander around the campsite! Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot has some nice tips on this.

The good news now is that gone are the days when you had to bunker down on the cold and uneven floor while backpacking out in the wild as a Kamp-Rite cot tent can offer a roomy, comfortable and secure space to stretch out and sleep when you are hiking.

These Kamp-Rite cot tents are truly a sophisticated innovation that can be operated by a single person or by two people. There is now no need to be concerned about the insects and snakes as you will be resting in a raised cot that is 11 inches above the ground. The mesh doors and windows on all four sides supply you with a lot of air and light and also protection from any flying insects that may be around.

If you are using a typical tent then you have to carry some kind of folding chair to use to sit on during the day but the Kamp-Rite models can be tilted at one end and then can be used as a lounge seat. It can also be folded and then used as a full reclining cot. With a normal tent you have to use poles and ropes to set up the tent and this itself will be very tiring right after a busy day. But the Kamp-Rite arrives fully assembled and there is no need for poles and ropes. You can simply open it and use it.

These great cot tents are portable and compact and the carry bag makes it easier to carry.

The Kamp-Rite collapsible combo tent cot is the latest and much improved version of the old favorite and the price of this cot tent is US$ 159.99. if you are backpacking with your kids then the Kamp-Rite kids fun cot, which is very stable and bears all the rough and tumble of kids, is accessible for a price of US$ 119.99.

Of all the offered cot tents the Midget Bushtrekka is the best Kamp-Rite cot tent for long distance touring. These come complete with pivoting tandem wheels with fully leveling jacks and bike specific adjustable ride heights. You can keep all your camping and touring gear and food and water in the underbelly storage which has a total capacity of 26 gallons. The front and rear pockets of the trailer can hold up to 15 gallons. The reflective tape and light sleeves also help in night visibility. The price of this cot tent buggy is US$ 899.99.