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A roofing contractor is also known as roofer, is the person who has the knowledge, skill and experience to reconstruct, construct, alter, repair or maintain roofs and use items and materials used in the construction, renovation, maintenance, repair and alteration of all types of waterproof and roofing. In most of the cities and states it is unlawful to perform the services of a “roof contractor” without a license issued pursuant to the state roofing licensing Act. The requirements of the Act do not extend to the employees of the contractor.

Roofers obtain one of two kinds of roofing licenses are offered in the state. The first primary one is the limited license which only allows the installation of the residential roof. The other one is the unlimited license which permits the contractors for the installation of roofing for commercial, industrial and residential properties. Each of the two types of licenses has a different examination requirement under the Act.

The licensure requirements of the Act do not apply to persons who sell roof materials; to persons who perform waterproofing or roofing work to their own property; to persons who perform waterproof or roofing work to their employer’s property where there exists an owner-worker relationship; or to any roofing contractor or roofers performing work for the state municipality or city municipality. In addition, the Act does not apply to the installation of glass, fiberglass or plastics to greenhouses and associated horticultural structures, or to the construction or repair of farm buildings.¬†For more information, visit their website at Roofers Boca Raton Florida.

The state board exercises its duties under the supervision of the department and is composed of eight members; seven members must be licensed roof contractors and one must be a knowledgeable member of the public. Furthermore, one of the seven roofing contractors on the board must represent a statewide association representing homebuilders. The board’s primary duty consists of making recommendations to the director for the administration of the act. Based upon once requirements and needs, it is important to find a good Roofers Kansas City or roofing contractors in the city. Make sure to hire certified and licensed roofers for installing and repair of roof. Also it is important to consider or ensure whether the contractor is having insurance policy therefore if anything goes wrong the customer will not be liable to pay any compensation for the accident occur in their premises. One could either hire a private roofer or government service roofer.