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Choose Proper Refrigerant

A refrigerant can be used to change the phase of a material to other phase. It normally converts from liquid to solid state. Refrigerants are usually used for better efficiency during heat cycle, to change the phase of matter from gaseous to a liquid and vice versa. In the process of evaporation they draw heat from surrounding substances. Refrigerants like Ammonia, carbon dioxide and non- halogenated hydrocarbons are the natural refrigerants that preserve the ozone layer. They have no ammonia and a very low quantity of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide the most importantly it has no potential for global warming. They are used in air-condition system in buildings, in chemical industry, in automotive industry and mainly in the food industry for storage, production and retailing.

The refrigerants are divided into three classes according to the manner of absorption or extraction of heat from a substance.

Class 1: it contains refrigerants that cool by the change of phase using the refrigerant’s latent heat.

Class 2: These refrigerants cool by temperature change. Its main purpose is to receive a reduction of temperature from class 1 and convey the temperature to the area to be cooled.  Our website provides info on   r-22 refrigerant replacement

Class 3: this class consists of the solution that contains absorbed vapors. This vapor produces a cooling effect by absorbing the heat of the solution.

To differentiate the various molecular structures a numbering system was developed by DuPont. Every code has a different meaning that systematically identifies the molecular structure made with a single halogenated hydrocarbon. For example

R-134a- is made up of 4 fluorine atoms, 2 hydrogen atoms, 2 carbon atoms, with an empirical formula of tetrafluoroethane.

R-410a- is a near is a near-azeotropic blend of R-32 and R-125. It is an acceptable substitute in household and light commercial air-conditioners.

R-404a- It is designed as a replacement of R-22 and R-502 CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). Its boiling point at normal pressure is -46.5 °C; its liquid density is 0.485 g/cm3.

Before going to buy refrigerant certain rules must be followed for the safe and proper use of the product use without knowledge may cause damage to lives. Every refrigerant has its own properties. There are many companies providing refrigerants but is always better to rely on the one that is been certified and approved by E.P.A under section 60. To find the information about the certified refrigerant vendors you can check over internet and get the ideal one which better suits you.