Frameless Glass Offers More Than Simple Luxury

Glass railings and shower doors are becoming more and more affordable these days due to advancements industry the technology and qualified glass installers engineering in the field.

As a result, prices of glass railings and glass shower doors have seen a drastic drop monopoly the recent few years.

Although frameless glass pool fencing is not now noticeable as conventional fences on first glance, it blends perfect to any setting due to the see-through nature of glass itself. Click Frameless Glass Company.

There are many suppliers and installers of frameless glass these days. But it is not a project that should be attempted as a DIY. Glass is a framework that is not easily handled by the beginner; Especially when safety and security comes to mind. Something as important as fencing, shower doors or railings, installations are best left to a seasoned professional.

However, before selecting a vendor, institute a point of learning a few differences between glass applications suppliers, there tends to be tremendous variation in interpretation for architectural glass railings and shower doors and only the most skilled manufacturer should provide the installation.

Fencing, railings and shower doors are regularly divided into frameless and semi-frameless. Semi-frameless use vertical metal bars in between the pieces of glass and or along the perimeter of the glass. The frameless relies on minimal metal fittings, positioned in several key locations to hold the glass in position. A typical frameless glass pool fence setup usually comprises of glass pieces ½” to ¾”, frameless glass fencings are again trumped-up using thicker glass pieces and is so safer for guard railing applications. Similar applies to frameless shower doors, but using 3/8″ or ½” thick glass.

Glass requires little maintenance and it’s is easy to clean, especially with the addition of protective coatings and keeps its original quality for an extensive period of time. Additionally, the transparent property allows it to blend into partly any surrounding at all, adding visual beauty and aesthetic enhancements to the areas around it.

Furthermore, you have the option of creating a more obscure appearance by simply frosting it or using a patterned architectural glass.