Top 5 Tips to Get Rid Of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs find their way in homes through the luggage, furniture or simply come with you from hotel. While the old mattresses and bed frames can be the first place that these stay, the used furniture can also be a place which they like. Following are some pointers for controlling bugs. Vacuuming is the first step for removal of the bugs. Even if you have hired the exterminators it normally requires more than one treatment to totally get rid of them. Vacuum should be done extensively especially inside the cracks and from all sides. The eggs of bugs stick to the mattresses and they need to be removed after removal of the bugs should be put in the plastic bags and disposed off properly. Do you want to learn more? Visit removal.

Every piece of cloth in the house can be a hiding place for these bugs, so cleaning the linens, carpets, rugs; even your wardrobe should be cleaned. There are a few good sprays to control the bed bugs so put them in use to control the infestation. Washing in the hot water at least 120°F for more than twenty minutes can ensure the removal of the bed bugs too. Using the plastic zip covers over the mattresses can get rid of millions of the bed bugs and even the dust mites easily. It should be noted that even when packed some bed bugs can remain active for as long whole year after the packing so keeping the covers is recommended.

The bed frames and the furniture cracks should be repaired and filled with the insecticide and glue that will not only things looking good but also keep the home infestation free. The peeling wall paper is yet another thing that can attract the bugs, so glue them in place and even the damp places like under the sink or even bed should be aired washed with water and vinegar solution. Keep the home de cluttered and put away the things that you don’t need. Getting rid of things will not only give you more space but also prevent the problems like bugs in your home. Packing the things in plastic wrap can also protect them from infestation of bugs too. Last but not least if you are not able to do this on your own, hire some professional service to get rid of the bed bugs for you.