Vital Information Regarding SAT Test Preparation in Bethlehem

SAT test preparation might not produce desired results if it does not teach you strategies to solve problems in the right way. Most students who undergo SAT test preparation are pretty familiar with the SAT test pattern. Being good at one of the sections does not guarantee a good SAT exam score. To aid you in your SAT test preparation let me share with you a few strategies that I also use in my tutoring. SAT Test Preparation in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is an excellent resource for this.

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Let us talk about the Math section first. The SAT test, according to many, carries complex math problems. This is far from being true. Actually, SAT math consists of basic math questions. Unlike many other tests, the SAT does not ask questions from pre-calculus, calculus or trigonometry. This does not at all mean that you would encounter problems that are straight forward. Most SAT math problems are simple, yet designed in a way to confuse you. Interestingly, problems that you would come across on the SAT would not be testing your math skills. Instead, they would test your ability to solve a puzzle!

Puzzle? Don’t be alarmed. Look at any math question from the previous SAT exam. Then look at its explanation (if you have a SAT test study guide). You will sometimes laugh at how simple a solution can get. Many math questions, that might seem to require lengthy calculations, can be solved without a calculator. A SAT Practice test would comprise of SAT Pre test questions to familiarize a student with the actual test pattern. Therefore, students must try solving SAT Pre test questions before attempting an actual test paper.

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SAT, being a standardized test, would carry similar problems year after year. SAT Practice tests, therefore, should be an important part of a SAT test preparation program. As mentioned earlier, here are some proven strategies to accelerate your SAT test preparation, and thus help you fetch a decent SAT Exam score.

SAT Study Guide

It is important to get a good SAT Study Guide to know the test pattern. There is no dearth of books in the market. What you need is a test prep book that has explanations along with answers to all questions. I do not endorse any particular book as I feel that none of them can actually address the requirements of a student- they are written keeping in mind an average SAT test taker.

Read the Preface

I am sure that students have the tendency to skip the Introductory pages (or Preface) of a test prep guide. Every book is designed in a particular way. Therefore, it is important to read the preface and the start reading the chapters. Often, the preface would summarize the way you should read the book. Reading the preface, therefore, should be an important part of a SAT test preparation plan.

Review Math Basics

It is important that you know the basic math concepts properly. If you are having problems recalling the formula for the area of a triangle, it’s better to go back to the math concepts that you studied during high school. You should know the basics of equations, numbers, real line, algebra, fractions, ratios, absolute value and geometry among others. Before hopping on to the SAT test preparation bandwagon, you must organize yourself and chalk out a PoA (plan of action). Smart work is the key! Stay posted to learn more strategies for the SAT exam.