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Less Travel – Immediate increases in productivity as a result of reduced travel and downtime. Less travel also means more savings on airfare, hotel accommodations, allowance, and rental car fees.

Web and Audio Integration – Taking advantage of web and audio integration allows for more effective communication making use of multimedia functionality leading to maximization of meeting success.

Saving Money – Not only are you saving substantial amounts of money and downtime on travel, there are noticeable savings in cloud-based conferencing services due to the reduced set up costs and availability of varied services to best suit your needs.

Efficiency – Reducing both downtime and expenses, cloud conferencing offers solutions that boost efficiency and productivity from the very first day.

Expertise – A number of companies do not have the necessary equipment or support teams to manage their own conferencing services. Cloud-based conferencing services solve this dilemma providing expertly trained IT accessibility without the need to hire and train additional employees – once again reducing costs.

Interoperability – Cloud conferencing services make use of a uniforming protocol that allows for systems to work with one another. Although it’s a complex process, transcoding by a managed service provider is just another benefit of cloud-based conferencing services.

Ease of use – With a team monitoring all services, audio and web conferencing has never been easier. Simpler set up and management reduces set up and downtime.

Security – With cloud-based services, security is often of utmost concern for most organizations. Well-established and maintained service providers take measures to protect both data and communication in cloud-conferencing.

Scalability – With a variety of conferencing services available, you get the perfectly scaled solution for your organization. Whether you’re searching for audio or video conferencing, or a combination of both, there’s an ideally scaled solution specifically for you.

Reliability – Along with security, reliability is a major concern of most while searching for the perfect cloud-based conferencing solution. With a managed service, you don’t need to worry about too many glitches, which diminish efficiency and productivity. With well-maintained and monitored solutions, reliability is no longer an issue.